Want To Provide Low-Cost Medical Care For Your Rural Community? Economizing Tip To Succeed Without Sacrificing Quality

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Want To Provide Low-Cost Medical Care For Your Rural Community? Economizing Tip To Succeed Without Sacrificing Quality

30 November 2016
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With health insurance premiums and medical care costs both rising, rural communities often find themselves without satisfactory options for quality, affordable health care. Even when rural families have an option to utilize less expensive health care options in larger cities in their area, they may face obstacles in using these facilities due to transportation issues, the inability to find childcare, or being unable to take time off from work to take advantage of important preventative care appointments. This means that otherwise simple health issues are often not treated until they result in serious illness, making the treatment more costly than it should have been and the prognosis less likely to be positive. If your rural community has become a barren desert in regards to affordable, readily available medical care and you are working to find a way to solve the problem, the following tips can help you make the most of your projected budget while still providing quality medical care options for members of your community. 

Draft highly skilled volunteers

Most communities have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their retired members and tapping retirees from the medical profession can be an excellent way to keep clinic doors open without hiring a full staff. Make it a point to find and speak with retired doctors, nurses, and other medical care providers and see if they are able to commit some time to helping establish and maintain a medical care clinic in your rural community. In addition to retirees from the medical profession, retired accountants, human resource professionals, and many other professionals can be beneficial in helping to plan and manage this type of project.

Purchase quality refurbished medical and surgical equipment

New medical care equipment is prohibitively expensive, especially for the small rural clinic working within the confines of a very tight budget. To stock your clinic with all the basic medical and surgical equipment you will need without taking on debt, consider opting to purchase quality refurbished medical and surgical equipment, instead. Doing this is especially important if you plan to include a small operating room in your clinic and will need items ranging from surgical tables and light fixtures to operating room sterilizers. 

Reputable providers of refurbished medical and surgical equipment can also assist you with necessary maintenance and repairs of the equipment you purchase, as well as assisting you with planning and furnishing your facility and obtaining oxygen and other gasses necessary for providing quality health care. Talk with equipment suppliers like Heartland Medical Specialties Inc. for options.

Involve the community in funding efforts

No matter how carefully you budget and or how much you save by choosing quality refurbished medical and surgical equipment, you will need to be very proactive in funding efforts in order to keep the facility operating successfully. To do this effectively, look to the entire community to assist through donations, sponsorships, and fundraising activities. 

To get the word out, take time to make the rounds of local churches, civic groups, and organizations to give an informational talk that outlines what your are working to provide, how much it will cost, and why it is necessary. In addition, be sure to include an invitation for fundraising ideas and volunteers to manage these events effectively. Offer local clubs, businesses, and other organizations a chance to sponsor the cost of certain parts of the project in return for publicity. Be sure to also plan quarterly or monthly fundraisers as well as making it clear that all donations are welcome, appreciated and used responsibly.

Look to the future

Once you have the clinic operational, make sure to think about how the clinic can be kept viable in future years. One way of doing this is to start a scholarship fund to help send a local child to medical school with the condition that they will return to practice medicine in the community upon their graduation. 

By working with your entire community, using your budget as wisely as possible, and remembering to plan for future generations, you can create an enduring medical clinic that will benefit your entire community. 

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